New Patients

Your First Visit

New patients – after talking to our exceptionally helpful team on the phone, you will have a very good idea of what’s to come. You will know both when your initial consultation and report of findings visits are, where we are located, and what to expect. 

However, some things are just easier to complete accurately if you supply the information yourself.  All new patients will be sent an online questionnaire to complete prior to their visit.  This includes personal details, health questions and general lifestyle information.  Your chiropractor will review this before your visit, developing an initial understanding of your issue and saving everyone time.

Please don’t worry if you don’t have an email, or if the thought of filling online forms worries you.

Simply let the team know on the phone, and arrive at your initial consultation 15 minutes early. You can then fill in a paper version in the reception area.

Visiting Us

You will be guaranteed a friendly welcome on entering our reception.  Our fantastic receptionists can help new patients with the procedures of the first visit, answer any questions and show you where everything is. Their mission is to make you feel at ease.  So please start by helping yourself to a drink!

Initial Consultation

We want to make your experience at Fishguard Chiropractic Clinic as pleasant and informative as possible. Be prepared to talk… lots! An in-depth history of the events surrounding your symptoms is key to an accurate diagnosis. You will also be asked more questions about lifestyle and previous medical history.

A thorough examination includes physical, orthopaedic and neurological tests. This includes a digital posture assessment to help show how your body has adapted to pain. The spinal assessment includes motion palpation of the spine and joints, looking for areas of restriction and nerve interference which can be the cause of pain and discomfort. Based on the findings, your chiropractor will decide if further investigation, e.g. x-ray / blood analysis is necessary prior to starting care. They will then refer you to the appropriate medical specialist.

Report of Findings

After going away to analyse your consultation and examination results, your chiropractor will present your results to you.

Simply put, we will explain what seems to be going on (diagnosis) and how this relates to your spine and nervous system.  We will talk about what we can do to help and what the best course of action is for you. Your chiropractor will recommend a course of care tailored to you. You will learn about the healing time-frame and how much it will cost. We want you to ask any burning questions so that you fully understand before any care commences.

If chiropractic care is not deemed appropriate, we will do our utmost to refer you to the appropriate specialist.


Consent is essential – it is important that you understand the report and the proposed treatment prior to starting care.  After all, this is a collaboration between you and your chiropractor to get the best results.

Your First Treatment

If you decide to start your care with us, we can begin on the same day. Your treatment will be tailored to you and will be dependent on a number of factors including your individual symptoms, your age, build, previous injuries and of course, your personal preference. Sometimes a popping sound is heard during an adjustment – this is caused by gas bubbles in the joint space “popping” as pressure is released.

New Patients Care Plan

The phases of healing are grouped into three:

Relief Care (Phase 1) 

Our first goal is to relieve your symptoms as quickly as possible. The severity of your condition will determine the length of this phase. Typically, visits in this phase are frequent and can involve multiple visits each week.

Corrective Care (Phase 2)

 Often described as the most important phase by your chiropractor, the pain has subsided and now the goal is to establish correction and restore optimal function, whilst also strengthening surrounding structures.  This phase often includes the prescription of strength and conditioning type exercises – techniques that are useful in helping to prevent relapses.  This phase of care is also dependent upon the severity of the problem. 

Wellness Care (Phase 3) 

Once your body has had the chance to heal, we believe it is important to continue care by having periodic checkups to help prevent future problems, and to enable your body to continue to function at optimum. Your lifestyle, health goals, and practitioner’s advice will determine the frequency of care that is right for you.

It is important for you to follow the scheduled care plan and recommendations for you to get the best results.  Along the way, we will reassess at regular intervals – these are called Progress Reviews – to make sure that we are on the right track.  Sometimes, life can throw a curve-ball and the proposed care plan or treatments need to adapt to address these changes. You may benefit from massage therapy with one of the massage team.  An exercise programme will be introduced specifically for your condition, consisting of stretching and strengthening advice. We want to help you to look after your body.

Preventative Care

Regular check-ups / wellness visits are designed to support your original course of treatment and maintain your return to health. Your chiropractor may recommend return visits every 2 weeks to three months depending on your original complaint, your lifestyle and your ultimate goals. It is always your choice on whether to continue with preventative care, but akin to dentistry, do you stop brushing your teeth just because they look clean??

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